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Posted 10 May 2018

Trotting in New South Wales is on the rise, and we on the Committee of the Trotters Association of NSW (TANSW) want to increase the momentum with some more direct involvement, by racing a trotter!


Would you like to be part of a Partnership, racing a Trotter at Menangle, trained by one of NSW’s leading trainers — right at the time opportunities are on the rise?

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The time is right. Stake money for trotters at Menangle in mid-week meetings is soon to be $9,000. On the main nights, usually Saturday, the trotters race for at least $11,000, and feature trotting nights this season will include races for $30,000 and two for $50,000. Trotting races are now being held at other tracks, with Clubs supporting TANSW in the belief that trotting has a significant part to play in the future of harness racing.

Our plan is to source a current racehorse, still eligible to race in the lower classes at Menangle and with the potential to work through the grades. Several of NSW's leading trotting trainers are involved with TANSW, and they would be involved in the selection of our new trotter. The Association would take a share and the trainer would also be a part owner. The partnership would probably be made up of people who purchase one or more of ten shares.


Our first Foundation Series heat last week showcased ten 2yo trotters, unheard of in NSW for many years.


While being a potential financial opportunity, there is also a lot of fun to be had. Apart from the thrill of seeing your own horse race, involvement with a leading trotting stable will increase everyone's circle of "friends" in the sport, which always makes the sport more exciting. The partnership will have a Managing Owner who will keep the team informed and involved.


Quite simply, trotting bred mares and stallions are almost all based elsewhere. This is changing, with the introduction of MY HIGH EXPECTATIONS (USA), we now have our own well bred and well performed trotting stallion. More NSW breeders are getting trotting mares in foal each season, but this will obviously take time to result in more locally bred racehorses.


We believe this all presents a "clear and present" opportunity for harness racing enthusiasts in NSW to source a trotter from outside our State, and join the fun and profit that trotting now offers. We would love to have you join us. Please feel free to make contact and ask questions, and to register your interest. We expect each 10% share would cost $3,000 based on expected purchase price, transport, registration, etc and would include the first 6 month's training.


Ongoing training costs would be $150 a share per month, but the partnership would need to cover unexpected veterinary and other expenses. Once we have heard from sufficient potential partners in this venture, we'll get more serious in securing the right horse. At that time, we will also get more specific about the details and look to finalise the new partnership.

Sound interesting? Have a trotter racing at Menangle, trained by one of NSW's leading trainers, and right at the time the opportunities are on the rise.

We hope you will express your interest in being involved. No commitment at this time.

For further information or to tell us you might want to join up,
please contact Flora Robson on 0412-121-275, or email us at

77 Tuckerman Road


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