HRA Industry Notice - Deregistration of Standardbred Horses
18 May 2016

An increased industry focus on equine welfare initiatives has highlighted the need for a clearer understanding and improved regulation of Standardbreds as they move through various stages of their career and life beyond the racetrack.

Greater awareness and understanding of horses activities and whereabouts, both on and off the track, will provide a clearer picture of the Standardbred herd lifecycle in order to building on successful welfare initiatives such as re-training or retirement programs.

Subsequently, a number of Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR) have been recently amended which compel owners and trainers of registered Standardbreds to advise authorities of a horses retirement from racing or death within specific timeframes. 

The importance of providing this information for currently active horses cannot be understated, and this is reflected in the penalties for non-compliance which have been set at a minimum fine of $500 per offence.

TANSW Loan Mare Scheme

1 January 2017

Members of the Trotters Association of NSW may advertise any empty trotting broodmares they would like to 'loan' to other Members, for the purpose of obtaining a Standardbred Trotting foal.

Members can email their mare's details to  and these will be posted on the TANSW website. 


The person/s loaning the Broodmare, negotiate directly with the horse owner re conditions of the Loan (place horse shall be kept etc). The TANSW takes no responsibility for any mare advertised, it is up to the borrower and broodmare owner to enter into their own Agreements.


Posted:  11 April 2018

Eligibility Conditions:

For Mares bred to Trotting Gait Stallions in the 2017/18 season:

1. The broodmare must be served or inseminated in NSW, and;
2. The sire must be nominated for the Trot NSW Scheme, and;
3. The service fee must be related to the conception of a foal during the 2017/18 season. The certificate cannot be used to pay for a live foal from a conception during an earlier season.
4. Applications will not be accepted after 31August, 2018.

The $500 Trot NSW Breeders Incentive Certificate may be used for payment or part payment of a stallion service so long as all terms and conditions are fulfilled.

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