The TANSW Raffle was drawn at Penrith Paceway on Thursday 22 December 2016 by Fred Hastings & Chips Lett (not pictured) with the help of elves, Zara Fitpatrick and Makynli Holt, pictured here with TANSW President Blake Fitzpatrick & Secretary, Flora Robson.


Congratulations to all the prize winners. The TANSW would like to thank everyone who purchased tickets in the Raffle for their support.


1st Prize: Troy Williams
2nd Prize: Adam Francis
3rd Prize: Troy Williams
4th Prize: Chantelle Gatt
5th Prize: Yvonne Cranny
6th Prize: June McLaren
7th Prize: Bruce Fox
8th Prize: John Tanti
9th Prize: Brad Watts
10th Prize: Neil Parnaby
11th Prize: Michael Taylor
12th Prize: Annette Towers
13th Prize: Shane Sheppard

The TANSW would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in donating the prizes for the Raffle which were:

A service to PEAK (Alabar)
A service to BARCADI LINDY (Morley Park)
A service to USED TO ME (Haras des Trotteurs)

A service to GREAT SUCCESS (Michael Taylor)

$880 worth of on-farm service at Calderwood Farm Standardbreds

On-farm service donated by John Heath
A breaking-in preparation with Rickie Alchin valued at $1,500

Aquagait voucher of 10 sessions
A Horse Power voucher of $450
Hidez Ice Compression Socks valued at $488
Lead and browband by Browbands by Brittany
$100 Tanti Stock Feeds voucher
Dinner for four at the Miracle Mile restaurant at Club Menangle
Dinner for two at Penrith Paceway
Four embroidered towels by Kathy’s Embroidery
Chipps Lett Photography voucher of $150

77 Tuckerman Road


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